Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Warren v. PRCA update

Well, I promised an update on the Warren v. PRCA case in my last blog and I got the opportunity to visit with Brian Wallace of Cowboys Inc., which is basically a watchdog group formed by Jim Warren and other like-minded individuals to keep the PRCA held accountable. While Warren's name is on the lawsuit, Cowboys Inc. ( is also a support team for his cause.

First of all, there is no love lost between Warren et al. and the PRCA. Guess that's to be expected when a lawsuit is filed, but these guys are hoppin' mad.

At its core Cowboys Inc. wants to give control of the PRCA to the members. One of the things the court ruling has done is to make the process for PRCA members to amend the bylaws follow the Colorado state statutes for non-profits. By default, if something is not spelled out in a non-profit's bylaws, they're supposed to revert to the state statutes.

Next, they asked for several safeguards to be put in place, which were, and finally, they asked for a general membership meeting to happen in September.

Here's what Wallace said.
"We asked for the meeting to be in September so the posting time could fit within the Colorado statutes, plus we want some time to get prepared and go ahead and lobby for it. We've always hoped this could be a negotiated settlement with the current PRCA Board of Directors that would accomplish our objectives and we don't have to wait until September. So, we can't tell anyone outside of our group our specific agenda because we want to negotiate with the PRCA."

If that fails, it could come down to a proxy battle. Wallace is confident the membership will side with his cause, but the PRCA obviously has the ability to reach more of the membership. It'll be interesting to see what it comes down to and see what happens. The PRCA sent out a press release stating that they are in the process of figuring out their options.

Another thing Wallace said-and I realize I'm just relaying his side of the story in this particular blog-is that when they won their evidentiary hearing and were able to start snooping around in PRCA records, they're finding lots of instances of the PRCA fudging the truth in regard to BoD minutes and various contracts. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if they reveal anything to support that claim.

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